Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update in a nutshell

I've started writing this post in my head for weeks now but one thing or another came up and then things started to accumulate and I got overwhelmed at how much I have to update! So I'll bullet it and return to my regularly scheduled (kinda) blogging, I promise! Trust me, I have plenty of material.
  • Philly was a good time with some best friends but it put a dent in my bank account. Somehow, even when I think I've set aside more than enough money, unexpected charges happen--like hotel parking costing $33 per night. It worked out but I wasn't happy to come home with no money. 
  • My friend flew me to California for a visit over Easter weekend and it was awesome...minus the part where they lost my luggage.  They eventually returned it to me, thank goodness!
  • I lost my wallet on the train one morning and as a result had to pay a lot of extra money for the train since my monthly train pass was gone with the wallet. The day after I bought a new ticket, they found my wallet. Of course.
  • I started my second job as a hostess (and waitress in training) for a nearby restaurant that I like very much. I work tonight in fact...hence my short post. 
  • My car completely died on me last night and I can get it back on Thursday (the next night I have off) once I pay them $135. Sweet. Just in time to sell that bad boy. 
  • I've started from square one and have become a regular runner. I don't go very far or very fast but I keep at it. I'm saving any extra pennies for a half-marathon in Dallas with one of my bffs. Luckily it's not until March (yes...2012) so I have time to train and save.  
Those are the major bullets but there's been plenty more going on. I have to head to work but I'll post tomorrow with more dirt. 


  1. Sounds like things are going well for ya! :)

  2. WHOA! you revamped the look. I like it :)