Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't steal my ranch!

Despite trying to fix my run-down car and having to have it towed 5 hours later on Monday night, I made it to the grocery store to get food for my work meals since I'm umm grounded from spending for a while. I bought a salad in a bag and some deli meat, among other things, and I planned on that lasting me two meals.
If you Google "Salad in a bag" some weird stuff comes up!

I saved half the bag and pouch of dressing for today's lunch but when I went in the fridge, the dressing was gone!

Maybe someone used it. Or maybe someone threw it away. Or maybe someone brought it home for their kids to use as edible finger paint.

Regardless, I had a terrible salad (really just lettuce and carrots and some deli meat...I think salad means it has to have dressing) and I'm not happy.

Old me would just have gone out and bought my lunch instead but it was raining and I forgot my umbrella I have no option but to cut back on spending right now (remember that stupid car that had to get towed...definitely not free!) so I scrounged around work to create the most random lunch ever! I had chocolate covered pretzels, Doritos, the above-mentioned lettuce and meat combo and a croissant. Yikes. Then shortly after I stuffed my face, the office put out leftovers from a meeting and guess what they were serving. Yup, salad with dressing! I could have just waited and had a normal salad and gone on my merry way.

At least I didn't spend any extra money! Time to go to job #2 and force my eyes to stay open until midnight...this might be the biggest challenge of my life.


  1. I forgot dressing once and found mustard and honey and made dressing, haha!

  2. Maybe put your name on things from now on? That's enough to ruin my day!!! =(