Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spending challenge day 3-I'm really really bad at math!!

Well folks, my spending challenge ended yesterday. I shelled out $1.25 in quarters from my piggy bank to get a bagel. I just couldn't have another apple and peanut butter yesterday. Luckily for me, I have started to adjust my stomach to eating less so I only ate half and saved the other half for this morning. It was almost as delicious as yesterday.

Also, on Tuesday night I updated my spreadsheet which is like a big electronic checkbook with a column for each fund item I have to put money towards. All of my purchases from the weekend had gone through and finally accounted for tips so I had to make sure everything added up. I double and triple checked that I had accounted for every penny I had spent and my spreadsheet said I had $40 less than the bank said.

I had $40 this whole week and I had no idea. I can't seem to figure out how I am so incredibly bad at math! 

I had taken some money that I would have used to pay my credit card to cover my expenses this past weekend. Now I don't have to do that and I still have $19. I could have gone to the grocery store for lunch foods, I could have grabbed a bagel guilt free, I could have put it into savings since I owe my savings account some money. I did end up buying a small iced coffee yesterday from Dunkin Donuts but I will save the rest. I did just fine without spending money so I'm trying to teach myself that just because I have the money, doesn't mean I need to spend it.

Anyway, besides a bagel and coffee, I didn't spend any money. Our department went out for lunch thanks to one of our clients who was in town. Yum and free!

Our client also brought us these delicious devils:
A nutritionist's worst nightmare!
I wish these weren't sitting at my desk taunting me. I'm only allowing myself to have a few a day because really there can't be anything good for you from eating them...besides pure joy of the sweet and salty combo.

Lunch and a few potato chips kept me satisfied through my workout and all the way home. And yes, I definitely did the ugly cry at the gym while watching the final Oprah show. Hate to see her go.

Some seriously ugly cries

Moving on...

As I walked in the door, my aunt texted me saying dinner would be ready soon. Music to my ears! It was even nice enough out to eat dinner on their porch and we enjoyed delicious baked ziti, fruit and veggies. Later that night my uncle won some major points by bagging up some ziti for my lunch today and then making popcorn for everyone.

Although I have spent money this week, I'm going to keep acting like the challenge is still going. I have 24 hours until I have more money in my account and there's nothing I really need to spend money on today so why not learn to live with what I have? I know I won't regret it.

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