Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the winner is...


To do my best to prove I wasn't biased, here's the random number generator I used.

Thanks for playing! E-mail me at for prize details :)

And I bet you're dying to know what I made, right?
Well Tuesday night it stopped raining before work. 100% chance of rain?! Way to go weatherman! It looked rainy but really, no one needed a coat. I made a whopping $10.


Last night was PACKED. We had multiple happy hour parties and all tables were reserved by 6pm. Everyone and their mother had a rain coat and a briefcase and an umbrella AND suitcases. The coat room was packed! So drumroll please...I made $68! YAY!

I did have to stay later until all the coats were cleared but it was worth it! And I did treat myself to a snack wrap on my way to the train because staying later means I'm even hungrier than normal.

I hope it rains every Wednesday that I work because that was awesome!

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  1. Yaaaaay! This is the first prize I have won on a blog! Woot woot!!!I thought whoever was closest to the right # won? But I am stoked!!!!!