Friday, May 27, 2011

It's the freakin weekend baby...

...I'm about to have me some fun! -- Thank you R.Kelly from Freshman year of High School

Life has been good. Yesterday Lady Gaga's new CD was $.99 on Amazon. Yup, the whole thing. I meant to share this deal with you but ya know, I was working. In my head I created a whole post about how not only does Lady Gaga love the GLBT but also the broke by allowing us to afford it, even more reason to love her back. I do like to buy my music on iTunes because I think it reduces risk of virus and I'm not stealing. It is overpriced, yes but it's honest.

Anyway, after work I dragged (drug?) myself to the gym and had dinner with my bestie. One of the million things I love about her is that she is fair. Last week I treated to lunch and she remembered that and treated me to dinner without me mentioning a thing. I was able to continue my non-spending challenge so I basically made it all 5 days with my no spend challenge. Spending less than $5 in a 5 day span is pretty good, especially for this city.

Today we have a shorter work day and then I get to enjoy a very exciting stay-cation here in NYC. My very closest, bestest friend, also known as X (and yes, I do believe you can be friends with your X in certain situations), is on his way here as I type and we have a million New York activities planned. He has never been here so I can't wait to show him around my favorite city. I will be sure to post pictures of all the cool things we do because of course we're going to be touristy and have some great photo ops. Fortunately, money is not a big issue for X so we have the luxury to enjoy a little more than all the free things the city has to offer.

I also get to move a few things into my new apartment! Just a few more days before I'm officially a resident of NYC!

It is also payday for both jobs and the mailman just handed me a check to reimburse me from my expense report for Boston. 3 checks in one day makes Katie a happy camper.

Have a great long weekend everyone!! Is anyone going anywhere or doing anything fun and different?


  1. I bought the Lady Gaga CD through amazon to. What a great deal. I often find there prices are better then I Tunes. Over the Christmas Season I bought 6 or 7 digital downloads all under $5. They were all new CD's or music that was only out for under 6 months.
    Have fun and enjoy the holiday weekend.
    Kara XOXO

  2. Fun! I'm excited for your staycation! Can't wait to hear about it! Dave and I are celebrating one year from when we first hung out as 'love interests' and we're going to see The Hangover 2 and have bloody mary's like we did the first time we hung out! Yay for having monday off!! =)