Friday, May 6, 2011

Coat check please!

As I briefly mentioned recently, I have a second job as a hostess at a local restaurant. I hope to start training to waitress soon but in the mean time, I make a decent hourly wage and I'm in charge of the coat check. Little did I know, this can be a decent addition to my hourly wage.

I assumed I would maybe get a pitty dollar here and there since all I'm doing is just hanging up a coat. I assumed wrong. Nearly everyone pays me at least a dollar and on multiple occasions I have received up to $6. Who pays $6 to check a coat? You could buy a $5 footlong, Starbucks, 5 slices of $.99 pizza down the street, 1.5 gallons of gas, 2 rides on the subway, etc. The possibilities are endless. But instead, they so generously give me the money. Wow. Even though I think they're a little bit nuts, I'm not complaining at all! My financial pride is nearly gone at this point and appreciate any and all help towards paying my bills each month. 

The other night was a rainy one in the city and people swarmed the restaurants with their trench coats and umbrellas. I made $34 in tips alone. Yes please! Bring on the rain, bring on the tips!
I already get hungry watching everyone eat! Everything else is ok!

Sadly, I don't work many shifts at this job so it won't be enough to cover rent so I'm not sure what to do. Find a third job and go out of my mind? Maybe, but it would have to wait until I move into the city because the late night commute is killing me slowly and painfully. Ideas? Suggestions? Help!


  1. Maybe you will need to wait to move to the city until you get a better paying job or something? You don't have any rent right now, that seems sweet! Could you look for an apartment closer to the city but cheaper?

  2. When Jess waitressing she used to work all weekend shifts. Most people wanted the weekend nights off so she always took them. Said it was great tips.
    Not sure what to recommend to you though. Just try and find something more affordable or get a roommate to help offset the cost. Kara XOXO

  3. Jess-I already signed a summer lease and I've already been here a long time. I can't do much more of this commute anyway so I'll make it work!

    Kara-thanks! I actually took your advice and picked up an extra shift tonight! And I will have 2 roommates, just NYC apartments are insanely expensive!

  4. Boston is very expensive like NY. That's why last September we moved an hour out of the city. Now I'm only paying $1100 to rent a 2 bedroom townhouse with a 1 car garage & basement. Has a nice deck out back to. We were paying over $2000 a month before. Commutes not always fun but we live near a commuter rail so we can just take the train right into Boston if we don't want to drive or the weather's bad. Kara XOXO