Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain is a good thing

I always like rain from inside my warm and dry bedroom. I like to drive in it or ride the train in it (minus walking to and from the train). I even like to dance in it when it's really pouring down. And obviously rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey...

However, there is one very important reason I like rain today.

Rain=Rain Coats. Coat Checks=Money.

I work tonight and tomorrow and there is 100% chance of rain both evenings.

I'm taking bets on how much I will make each night. If you make a guess, you might get a prize. And yes, this is my first giveaway! 

The prize is a rainy day fun package that will be purchased with $20 of my tip money and I will challenge myself to get the most for my buck. I'm getting pretty good at this so it could be a nice little present!

Leave a comment with your guess for each night for one entry. For additional opportunities to win, become a follower and let me know! Lastly, if you share this with your friends or on your blog, twitter, facebook etc, leave another comment and let me know for another entry! Guesses will be accepted until Thursday at noon.

Enjoy the rain and jump in some puddles today...unless of course you're enjoying fantastic spring weather...then enjoy that too, I guess.


  1. Yay! I love this!! Ok, my guess for tonight is $39 and my guess for tomorrow night is $41. Woop woop. Bring on the rain! It's raining here too and I love it =)

  2. $28 tonight and $36 tomorrow...but I hope its tons more! Yay for rain :)

  3. I love guessing! I'm gonna go ahead and say 45 tonight and 53 tomorrow!! Here's to rain!