Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere

I want to be a part of it, New York, New York.
At this point, before I even move into NYC, I'm not quite sure I can make it here. You see, if Blogger would have let me sign in last night I would have told you that I got taken off the schedule at my hostessing job. I was surprised to say the least. I always get there early, I stay later than normal, I always pick up shifts when I can, I have e-mailed my boss eager to do more and start training for waitressing, yet as she said "I'm not bubbly and don't seem like I want the job badly enough." No warning, no help or opportunity to improve, nada.

Yes I was spread pretty thin some nights with both jobs and a long commute but to argue that I didn't want the job badly enough was pretty insulting and defeating. 

I have not been technically fired because if they need me in a bind, they can call me and if that shift goes well, they have the option of putting me back on the schedule. However, I can't just sit around and wait for that to happen.

Back to the job hunt again and maybe this time I can find a good fit for a longer term. One that lets me work a weekend or two and actually lets me waitress and is all around just a better fit. My student loans are paid for for June but I have to find a replacement job quickly so I don't have to take too much from savings. Absolutely stressful.

What I've learned from Oprah recently is that when handed a hard time and you feel like you've failed, always ask "What is this here to teach me?" I've learned I have to step up my game because New York is tough. I've learned I can't take on everything and have to find a better balance so I can give everything I'm invested in my all. I've learned that not every shoe is going to fit and sometimes you have to try on a bunch before you find the right pair. Sometimes it's exhausting and sometimes you just have to go barefoot but it's better than walking in shoes that give you blisters.


  1. Aww Katie that sucks, I'm sorry :(

  2. How did day two of no spending go? Yeah you need to move on and find somewhere else to waitress/host. Especially since the move is coming up!!! =) You will find one soon, I know it.