Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best Friday the 13th I have probably ever had!

Yesterday was payday. Woot woot! I was so eager to see what my paycheck would be since it was the first one to include all my benefits taken out. I assumed they would take out much more and that's what I based my budget around. Fortunately, they only took out about $100 instead of the $180 I predicted (no one should leave me alone with my awful math skills!) so I reworked my budget a little bit and it makes me much happier!

With that extra income I can pay my cell phone bill with it, instead of relying on the restaurant money to cover it. That's a big relief since it was already going to be tight.
I can also increase my savings. My stupid bank charges me $10 a month if I don't deposit at least $75 a month (in one transaction!) into my savings account. That's $120 a year! My original plan was to deposit $30 but now I can bump it up to $75 and actually save myself some money. That makes me happy.
Lastly, I can increase the amount of money I have to help me survive. It's now $200/paycheck or $400 a month, instead of $300. Woohoo! It's not much but I can make $50 stretch pretty far if I try. When shampoo costs $8 (just for herbal essences, I swear I don't get anything fancy!) and drink specials means $5 per drink is a great deal, I'm going to need all the money I can get --these are just examples, I swear I won't be spending all my money on booze...just basically what my social life leads to these days.

Anyway, it's nice to have that little extra cushion. 

I did also get my check from the restaurant and I deposited my tip money. Both were less than I expected but obviously they still help. The check didn't include the extra shift I picked up last Saturday, which it should have! Also, I added up the money before and again, I apparently can't do math because I kept a running track of what I made and it was more than what I was counting. That, or people are stealing from me. I don't like either version really. I e-mailed my boss to see what we can do about that extra shift. I don't exactly work on Saturday nights just for fun, it's absolutely because I need the money.

One more exciting piece of financial news: I SOLD MY CAR! I loved Dianne, and yes, I named my car. I named my GPS Jack because he's from Australia and I talked to him about directions pretty frequently. Then back in college, X came up with the great idea that Dianne should be his companion. She went to a good home that will love her and take care of her. They also paid me some good cash, which will be a perfect amount for a security deposit and some furniture for my next apartment.

Happy Saturday, as my aunt greeted me this morning! I'm off to clean my room, run some errands, and get my workout on before I head into the city for my first night on my new budget. I'll let you know how it works!

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  1. It's ok, us writer/creative folks generally are not good at math ;)