Sunday, May 22, 2011

I need your advice

I had to throw out my leftover Manicotti because I made it a week ago and my aunt and uncle taught me that you can't keep leftovers for that long. Oops. If you needed to make dinner tonight and have lunches for the rest of the week, how would you eat without spending any money? Not a single dime.

This is going to be a creative and interesting week. I'm sure this will teach me to balance my spending money a little better!


  1. What do you have in the cupboard to work with? Do you have rice? Rice & vegetables is a good one because I think it stays better longer because of the lack of meat. Although you can probably use all the protein you can get for running.

  2. That's why I like to keep cans of Tuna in the cupboard. If I don't have time to go shopping they're a great backup. If you have Eggs you can make Egg Salad. Like Laura said you can do a lot with Rice or even noodles. Guess it all depends on what you like. Kara XOXO