Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Case of the Mondays

For those who say "I wish I can just fast forward through Monday so the worst part of the week is over", you're kind of wrong. Just because we "fast forwarded" through Monday yesterday, today sure feels like one. Whatever the first day back to work after a break is will always feel like Monday, no matter if the calendar says Tuesday. If you can't follow what I mean, just know that I have a case of the Mondays.

After a really great long weekend (a post to come tonight with pictures, details etc), I checked my bank account and had about 30 panic attacks. I already knew I had spent too much this weekend and I was dreading that big time. But then I saw a charge for $75. I couldn't understand the description on my statement and I checked my spreadsheet to make sure I hadn't spent it anywhere. Eventually I calmed down when I realized it was just my monthly transfer to my savings account to avoid the $10 fee. Whew.

Then I saw that my gym was trying to charge me $40 for my monthly fee. No way, no how. They charged me $40 once that included a late fee for errors with my card when they were trying to charge my canceled card but that was supposed to be a one time gig. They were closed yesterday with the holiday so today I called back and fortunately she acknowledged that they over charged me and the money would be back in my account soon. Whew.

Then I went to go write my mom a check for my portion of the phone bill. It hit me that my account didn't reflect her cashing my last check and that's why all the numbers were off so much. AH HA!! I actually don't suck at math!! I suck at remembering expenses!! Big difference...kinda. Now I will give her cash from now on because I can't keep messing that up and accidentally think it's ok to spend that money.

Fighting fires all before 10am!

I have calmed down now so now I just need to job hunt and try to stretch $15 as far as I can for the next two weeks. Great, can't wait.


  1. Me & Jess use ING for our main bank. What I like about them is you can do peer to peer transfers. For example if you have your Mom's account & bank routing numbers you can deposit the money directly into her account. Very rarely do I write out checks anymore.
    Hope the weekend was fun......Kara XOXO

  2. You can transfer money from one person to another with mostly any bank. I can do it even at my little credit union. It is $5 per month, but hey i would rather pay that than write checks and wait for them to go through. Most banks do it though and I'm sure a lot of them do it for free. =) Also, on my excel budget, I have a column next to everything that I pay on payday and once I go online and pay whatever bill, i put an x to the left and then I delete it completely from the spreadsheet once it has been taken out of my account. I had to start doing this because I was having the exact same problem! =)