Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A fabulous staycation

 X arrived Friday afternoon and we headed straight for Central Park before it started to get dark. I wish we could have wandered around the park all day but it was really hot and humid and we had places to go, people to see.
 After dinner with my college roommate (aka bestie), we hit up the Top of the Rock for a view of NYC at night. I had always gone during the day so this was a first for me as well.
 My camera is old. Like dates back to high school. So your iPhone pictures are better than mine. Don't be jealous.
 Since we are no longer dating, wearing black and brown together is totally acceptable. No need to match!
Saturday morning we saw The Hangover 2. If you go to the movies in NYC before noon, tickets are $6. The movie was alright but if you've seen the first one, you basically know what happens in the second one. It's the exact same movie. Funny nonetheless.
Then we headed downtown to see Ground Zero. It looked much different than the last time I had been down there. They had a really cool memorial preview room where they kept memorabilia until the actual memorial was ready. They made a Statue of Liberty out of pieces people had left at Ground Zero to honor those who died.

 This doesn't do it justice but this is the plan for 9/11 Memorial. You can read more about it here.
 Then we trudged through the heat to see the Brooklyn Bridge. We had great intentions of walking across it and getting pizza but I was starting to become a crab from the heat. That morning my phone said it would be a high of 67 and would likely be raining. I wore capris and ended up sweltering. Bummer. Thankfully X knows me at my worst all too well and put up with me just fine.
 I love how diverse the skyline is here.
 Saturday night we hit up Time Square to see Rock of Ages. If you're not huge on Broadway musicals but dig the Time Square scene, this is absolutely the event for you. It was basically an 80's sing along with plenty of alcohol involved, if you want it of course. X loved it.

 Sunday we explored a bit and headed back to the Top of the Rock for pictures during the day. It really is my favorite place on earth. Before we went up we found some other cool sites. The Today Show is filmed here.

 Those are all M&M's. Yum-o! And a very cool gift shop with memorabilia from all of NBC's shows.


 Sunday night X treated me to a dinner cruise! I had never done that before but I definitely recommend it! You get a great view of the city while the sun is setting, they have great food, you get to dress up, a fun band, and an open bar.

 We got a window seat so dinner came with great views!

 Filet minon, veggies and potatoes...yum!

 Ms. Liberty
 Probably the best part...dessert!
 This great cover band was a lot of fun! They had a dance floor and we boogied on down with other shipmates. They played "Love Train" and this little old lady wanted to start a "love train" conga line. Too funny.
 Our table.
 After ward we came across a bowling alley and thought it would be a great end to the weekend. X took a bowling class in college, but yet somehow...I WON! All 3 games! Who woulda thunk it!?

We had a great time and I'm so glad he finally got to see NYC after I talked about it for years. Anyone else want to come visit me? I love that I live in a place where staycations are so fun!


  1. YAY! Thanks for all the wonderful pics...looks like a wonderful weekend.

  2. ME ME ME =) Lol. I would love to come out there! Hopefully next year! Dave and I are planning to come along with our friends Monica and Jason =)
    PS- I LOVE your dress in the day pictures at top of the rock....SO cute!