Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No spend challenge Day 2

I made it through yesterday. It was tough but I survived without too much angst. The soup was not as filling as I had hoped so I caved and had my last energy bar left in my desk. That got me through my workout, through meeting with the boss and all the way home.

The hardest part of the day was the train ride home. It was really crowded on the train and the seat I snagged happened to be in the middle of 4 different people eating fantastic smelling food. Popcorn, Chinese food, Fritos, etc. Torture! 

Once home, my aunt greeted with me with a hug after the disappointment with my job and then by saying there wasn't much for dinner but I could eat whatever I found.

Challenge accepted.

She offered lean cuisine but I've just never really enjoyed those.

They did have tortilla shells so I figured I would grab some lunch meat and make a wrap or two. The only lunch meat the had left was salami. Not the healthiest but definitely tasty with a little bit of mayo. There was also half of an avocado left over so I chopped some of that up to throw in the wraps too. My uncle gave me a hairy eyeball about my choice of dinner thinking that the combination of tastes might be God awful. I happily claimed that I was learning to work with what I have and threw a side of strawberries on my plate. It actually was delicious and filling enough that I was full until bed time.
When you Google "Salami Avocado Wrap", there are many pictures so I guess it's not all that odd. I would take my own but let's face it, I scarfed them down way too quickly to be worried about pictures.

I read a great article this morning that fit with the hardest part of not having money. I get jealous of what others have and think it's an injustice that I can't have it too. I'm working about worrying about me and not everyone the sense of money of course!

Day 3 is still going strong! Full update tomorrow!

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  1. yay! You did it! The funny thing is that one time my step dad took roast beef and salami and wrapped them around a slice of avocado and served them as appetizers. I thought they were delish!!