Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Yay and Nay Weekend

This weekend had it's financial ups and downs, most events are a mix of both.

First, I paid off my tuition in full. There's $.22 in my savings account! YIKES! But yay it's paid off and I never have to give the U of M any more money!

Second, I got a good amount of hours at Express, which is good even though I'd rather stay in bed. When I'm working, it's keeping me busy so I can't go out and spend more money. However, today we got an extra 45% off at Express so after my shift I got a few things! Guess what. I bought:

Denim capris
2 dresses
3 tank tops
3 basic t's
a pair of shorts
yoga pants

all for...drum roll please...$120! Considering one of those dresses was originally $70, that's a STEAL!! I had two coupons for $10 and a lot of the tops were BOGO so I'm pretty excited about my completely worthwhile purchase! They're all things I can wear to work (minus the shorts and yoga pants) and things I can wear for spring break (including the shorts and yoga pants).

I did have to make an extra purchase at Target on Saturday since I ran out of razors, face wash and zit cream since my face has broken out from all the sweaty yoga. Boring items but they add up to about $25ish.

However, Jess did send me more money than agreed upon for the calculator (THANKS JESS! You didn't have to do that!) so after I pay for Matt's Valentine's day present, I'll have a little extra money to pay that off.

Keeping track of expenses is really difficult because there's always money coming in or going out! I never just get a couple days off but let's hope I can try soon!

Last but not least, after reading the Sunday paper, I found 15 coupons on things I would already buy! That's $33.40 in savings!! Holy freaking cow! I spent $39 for the subscription for the Strib so I'll easily get my money's worth back in just a few weeks! Thanks Journalism class!

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  1. =D I was really glad you helped me out and I figured you would appreciate the little extra ;)