Thursday, January 7, 2010

The hardest part is yet to come

Good afternoon readers (or cyberspace if no one reads this)!

So last night was a success of spending only $4 (thanks to my guy). It turns out the specials were nothing special because their online ad was wrong. So we went home to play games for free instead after one round and some appetizers.

I do have a conundrum, however. My cash allowance is down to $27 and with 1 more holiday vacation paycheck coming next week, it will not get replenished until the following paycheck-unless I dip into my express paycheck, which still won't be too much since I need to make sure rent is paid before I get to spend money on fun stuff.

Mission: make $27 last for 2.5 weeks. Mission impossible. There's not too much I need to spend it on during that time but there are a few events that may require some dough.

As a result of my above statement, I'm back to having my hamburger helper for lunch and today I won't complain. I also have tastey leftovers of parmesan crusted chicken and pasta for dinner tonight.

Cost of today: 0$

On a side note, my roots are growing out. I know when my finances are in such a dire state, this should be the least of my concerns but after a while I will start to look trashy (if I don't already). I can't even begin to set aside money for new highlights until 2 paychecks from now and even then it will be weeks until I have enough. I've tried going brunette with a box because it's cheaper and lasts longer but it's not a great look for me. So sorry for all who see me on a regular basis, I am well aware of this issue and it will be fixed in due time but it can't be a high priority yet. Thanks for your understanding.

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