Friday, January 8, 2010

Another reason to thank Oprah


Remember that jingle? How could you forget? Anyways, thanks to an O article by Suze Orman, she says credit reports are free but credit scores are not. But it is important to know your score for multiple reasons. If it's good, you need to keep it good and learn how different life decisions (buying a car, house, getting a loan, etc.) can happen based on your score. If it's poor, you have time to improve it before you need to make these big purchases.

If I learned anything from my parents about money (besides their spending habits!), it's to pay your credit card off, on time, every month, no matter what. So regardless of how much I put on my card, I would dig into my savings to make sure it's paid off every month. As a result, there is definitely a positive side to my savings being low right now. I HAVE GREAT CREDIT!

I am in no position to buy a car, house, or even get out another loan. However, I can keep the score up and even raise it by keeping up with this new budget of mine to start paying loans and keep my credit payments low and paid in full. Great motivation for days I'm sick of making crappy meals or I have to say no to cute clothes...hopefully!

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