Thursday, January 14, 2010


There is a cause to celebrate! Lenka showed me this website that helps students save money on textbooks (and it's legit, it won't send me the wrong edition etc. and cause issues like other sites I have tried). I went on today and WOW! I saved over $100! I had a couple books purchased already from the bookstore but needed one or two more still, which I hadn't added to my tuition total. After checking out the site, I'm sold. By returning the books I bought and replacing them with ALL of the books I need, I will save a total of $75! sweet. And free shipping.

An added bonus? I'm renting the books so I don't have to deal with selling them back for next to nothing AND when you purchase your rentals through the site, it tells you how many trees you're saving by renting rather than buying. I saved 3 trees and chose to have them planted in Guatemala. Neato!

With that money, I can easily catch up on my savings with my next paycheck and have enough for about $88 in savings (after the minimum!) and I'll make my first loan payment of about $88! I'm so excited! I know $88 won't make a dent in my massive amount of loans but every dollar helps and the faster the better.

These two weeks really need to hurry up!

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