Sunday, January 10, 2010

$7 a month

A few posts ago, I wrote about an article by Suze Orman. She suggests going through your past 3 bank statements and credit card statements to track your spending. You should highlight all the "wants" and total that for each month. If you're looking for extra cash, it's clear what "wants" you can cut back on with those statements in front of you.

There was a significant portion on both statements spent on food. So far I've been trying to cut back on that (as you've probably read). There was one monthly charge on my credit card for $7 for a card upgrade. I called the company to see what that upgrade really does for me and after realizing I never use any of the benefits of it, I cancelled it. That's 84 dollars a year I'm not wasting anymore!

Kudos to me!

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