Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The day I've been waiting for!

Hooray! It's the eve of the big payday I've been talking about since I started this blog! It's been so hard to budget with my paychecks being so strange but now they should all be on track and my plan will go swimmingly! I did the math and once all expenses from my budget are out, I'll have $275 of that left over for a cushion. My other paychecks should get me through but incase there are other smaller paychecks, this one will carry over. I do have to take $14 of that to put towards my bank minimum but come Friday, I'll have tuition paid off completely and the minimum amount in my savings account. WAHOO! I can finally start building that up and be on my way to conquering my loans!

I forgot to mention in my last post about coupons that I managed to use 7 coupons on the grocery list I had already written up. I now get the Strib, which comes with weekly ads. I usually shop at Rainbow but when Cub has the better deal, I'll definitely go hunting. Cub had coupons, plus there was those coupon booklets that happened to have things on my list so it worked out nicely. It is a little extra work to shop at 2 places but definitely worth the over $10 I saved. Granted, it was Matt's turn to buy the groceries but it doesn't hurt saving him some money and it helped me get into the habit of finding some bargins.

On a more sour note, the coupon for Punch Pizza didn't work. By the time I finished yoga last night, they were out of dough so it was a no-go. However, I made much anticipated pork chops in the crock pot tonight so I'm hoping that's delicious. Pork chops were on sale at Cub and after making stew last week, the only ingredient I needed was a $.98 can of cream of mushroom soup. Perfect! It's crazy how little I go out to eat now. I really do miss it but I've been able to cut back a lot of expenses and probably eat a little healthier too. I really should compare my Jan bank statements to my Oct-Dec to see the big differences!

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