Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here today, gone tomorrow

So that $200 quickly found a place to be and is out of my hands once again. Since my computer recently was deeply infected with so many viruses, I need to purchase updated anti-virus software, ($70 for a 2-year subscription). I mentioned earlier I had a purchase from Target and minor credit card expenses so that got paid ($22). I put $20 towards my spring break spending fund (A trip to South Padre Island! The hotel is paid for and we're taking my parents van so I've been setting aside money for gas, food and going out. I probably shouldn't have booked this trip but it's my last spring break and I did it before this new budget so oh well! I don't feel guilty!)

And the rest was allowance since I was pretty depleted after Saturday. With that allowance I put $20 towards a hair fund (should be ready by spring break!) and another $20 towards the spring break fund, which left me with a $38 allowance. Normally I could make that last a while but a I had to make a few purchases-I swear necessities. It was my turn to buy paper towels so I stocked up on those ($15!) and had to get some school supplies. Just like that my $38 was down to #3 :( Bummer. If I can hold out until a week from tomorrow, I get my full $100 allowance again and I'll be 100% on track with my budget! Lucky for me, that should be easy because I made some delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and with my school/work/internship schedule, I won't have time to go anywhere!

On a happy note, I was able to save myself a bunch of money! I had bought a external hard drive for a class years ago but it was for the school's macs. Since I have a PC, I couldn't figure out how to convert it to save my files once I was finished with it for school. I thought I'd have to go buy another one ($100) but Geek Squad converted it for me for free! They still have my computer but once I get it back and fingers crossed my files are in tact, I can back myself up finally! Thanks Geeks!

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  1. Next time you have computer problems PLEASE call me and trav before you do anything else! Lol. Travis is a computer nerd. His degree is in computers. and you have the hook up with us ;) he knew how to convert the hard drive and could have gotten you anti virus for free. But I know how you feel, it seems like the computer problems and car problems NEVER STOP! GRRRR!