Friday, January 22, 2010

Stretched to the limit and this is where I'll stay

Well well well, just when I think my finances will be dull for a while, things get a little crazy right away.  First of all, I spent the $20 already buying Dominos and wine because with a schedule like mine, I needed a little splurge.  It helped too!  Definitely worth it.  Otherwise, I've been good about eating my own meals etc.  One of my communications assignments is to sit at a fast-food restaurant for 1/2 an hour to observe the organization.  I just might have to get a meal there so they don't think I'm a stalker, so I'm going to pick something I've really been wanting!  

So this is where things get crazy: Geek Squad STILL has my laptop.  They said it'd be ready yesterday.  I called them to find out the status and they said my computer needs to be completely reinstalled and I need restoring discs from Toshiba (my computer brand).  I already paid them a bunch of money so this is just annoying!  They said I would lose all my files (which they promised I wouldn't when I brought it in) so if I want to back anything up onto MY OWN hard drive, I have to pay them $99!  So between paying for the discs and that, I'm paying them close to $400!!  I don't have that just lying around and I know Matt said he'd pay some but that's NOT where I wanted to put my money when I finally get some.  NO!  I'm frankly quite pissed about that.  Now I wont have any money for any anti-virus protection because I have to spend it all on the discs.  School is in full swing and I need my laptop back!!  I told them I needed it for Tuesday at the latest and it is Friday-a full week after I brought it in.  I hate Geek Squad!

Ah..that vent felt great!  Anyways, one more crazy thing to throw your way.  So in a couple of my classes, I'm learning more and more about global news and global politics.  This topic never interested me before because I didn't understand it but NOW, it's like a light-bulb turned on and I am inspired and motivated to learn more.  As a result, I have been thinking about tacking on another major or minor in Poli-Sci.  I really enjoy journalism but I'm unsure of it's future and of how successful I can really be unless I'm a big shot, which is nearly impossible for me-not in my nature.  So if I added this, I could maybe get the best of both worlds.  A minor would take one semester and a major would take two.  It's really not bad when you think about it but I don't have any extra money for more tuition!  I could easily live at home and commute to save money on rent but I'd still need loans for tuition-another $6000-$12000!  GRR!  I figure if I want to really do it, now's the time.  But are there any cheaper options to get the same background and experience in the subject??  I'm looking into my options but it sounds so interesting!  

I can never just stand still and neutral, new things always arise!  Gotta love it! 

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