Friday, January 8, 2010

I've joined the coupon clipper club

Tonight is a splurge. I don't work tonight (very rare for a Friday) so I asked my guy on a date. Just my luck, one of my new favorite sites sent me an e-mail earlier this week with an excellent coupon to use for this date.

We've been talking about going to the 5-8 Club for a while now, and I got this coupon saying that a $15 meal is only $7 with this coupon. I paid Groupon for it earlier in the week-check out the website to see how it works-so it has already been taken out of my allowance. Since a delicious Juicy Lucy is only $5 a person, we could order a pop or appetizer and still make it out of there with just a tip! Awesome deal for an awesome meal.

I know it's only been a day or two, but my $27 is still in tact, which is a huge accomplishment. I wanted to start my morning with Starbucks, but substituted it for free Swiss Miss at work. I wanted fast food for lunch on my way to work but I still have hamburger helper (1 more serving!) left in the fridge and a tuna salad snack pack in my desk. It's not easy having self-control! Tonight's date will be a great reward for my first full week of solid and successful efforts!

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  1. I am a coupon lover to the max! I just went to wal mart yesterday with the grocery ads from other local grocery stores. Since wal mart does price matching, all I had to do was take these ads with me and show them to the cashier when I went through the check stand. It ended up saving me about 5 dollars. Plenty worth the time it takes going through the ads, when I know I'll save around that much every time I go to the store. I also saved about 14 dollars getting contacts at Wal Mart Optical with a competitor's ad, instead of buying them from 1800contacts like i usually do.