Monday, January 25, 2010

Stress be-gone

This budget is just WAY too tight. I work and work and there's such little room for fun! I can't be so strict because it's been taking it's toll. As a result, I did buy a thing or two (or five) at the mall on Saturday. All week, I've been wanting to wear my black leggings but I have brown boots and a lot of outfits just didn't work. I allowed myself to go on a hunt for black boots and got more. At payless I found a great pair of boots but it's buy one get one so I easily found another pair of boots (gray and shorter) for 1/2 off. YAY! The two pairs together cost less than my brown boots alone. Then I had some store credit from the GAP leftover from Christmas so I stopped by the clearance section and found two tops that I just love! I spent a little over the store credit but it's worth it because both are unlike any typical tops I have now. Last but not least, I was working on Sat and people kept coming through my line buying 11.99 jeans! It was driving me nuts over these great deals. I ended up finding my exact size (which is rare for clearance because I need a long) so I had to buy them. I tried them on after work and the longs were too long! I assumed the regulars would fit so I grabbed them and bought them without trying them on. CRAP, bad idea. They are wear-able but I like my jeans on the longer side than just barely touching the floor. I'm super paranoid about unintentional, unfashionable high waters so I'm not 100% satisfied with them. I can still return them and I think I just might. They no longer have the longs in stock so I'm SOL. I also paid for drinks at the bar that night but it was 8$ for 4 drinks so can't complain too much.

Anyways, you may be thinking where I have all this extra money. Although I still plan on being strict with my spending and stick with the plan, I can't be so rigid that there is no breathing room for the occasional purchases. I know I have the allowance but right now it's covering a lot of expenses so we'll see. Next sunday I get an additional 15% at Express so I know there's a thing or two I will be purchasing but that's from my allowance and the plan will be implemented. I will put most into savings but I have limitted permision to dip into that for the occasional reward. I work way too hard to not enjoy life just a little bit sometimes, right?

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