Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No more hamburger helper!

Matt (my guy) and I went grocery shopping on Saturday and I actually made a shopping list and went through the ads to find the best deals. I spent only $92 for the two of us for two weeks (we take turns buying groceries every 2 weeks) and thanks to my parents I was able to use my grocery gift card from Christmas. However, being cheap comes at a cost. I have to carefully plan my meals to make them last and it's not always the food I'm craving. I grew up with fast food, frozen pizzas etc. so that's what I usually crave. But now it's a hamburger helper for lunch at work for a couple of days in a row until it's gone and pizza rolls for every meal break at Express. Yum.

I did splurge and go out to dinner tonight with two girlfriends at LeAnn Chins. It was DELICIOUS! I would normally get the two entrees with rice and cream cheese puffs and a pop but tonight I was much better! I got the Imperial meal, so one entree, rice, cream cheese puffs and water. I'm still full and have a bit left over for a snack tomorrow and spent much less. That's very encouraging!

Since it is winter break I'm trying to catch up with friends a little more, which results in meeting over a meal. I'm doing my best to keep it as inexpensive as possible so that probably means I'll eat a little less-wouldn't hurt me either! Tomorrow is Noodles with Casey and my plan is to order a small instead of the regular and order water instead of pop. Lucky for me, water is free and much healthier so I'm killing two birds with one stone. Maybe this money thing won't be so bad after all. Let's see if I'm singing the same tune tomorrow.

Cost of today: $5

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