Monday, January 11, 2010


Im down to $26. I spent a dollar for lunch today because I didnt have lunch prepared. I'm sure I could have made a sandwich this morning but I don't like to wake up any earlier than I have to. I went the whole weekend without spending a dime though so I'm pretty happy about that.

We're making pizza casserole tonight so I can use that for lunches this week. It's much tastier than hamburger helper so I'm pumped. We had to swing by the grocery store to grab spaghetti noodels for the casserole and we grabbed a few extra things with good deals so $11 was spent (on my giftcard). I have $96 left on that card so it should last for one more biweekly purchase.

I sold some books back and guess how much I got for 2 books!? $48! I was actually pretty happy (even though I paid way more for them!) considering I've gotten only $3 back for a book before. I just put that into the bank to put towards my upcoming rent payment. It's very exciting finding extra money.

Another random note, with the new year behind us, I received a letter from one of my student loan companies. They just wanted to inform me of my new loan interest rate for 2010 (it's the same) and how much interest I've accrued since I took out the loan last Feb. It's over $1000!! YIKES! It hasn't even been a full year!! That's even more of a motivator to start making payments asap! Crap.

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