Monday, January 25, 2010


So (almost) everything I wrote in the last post has changed. I got a letter from my loan company giving the details of my most recent loan that just got disbursed. The interest rates on my other loans are between 5.25-6.75%, this loan, 12.75%!!!!!! YIKES! Granted, it is my smallest loan, the interest is still really really going to kill me unless I get that paid off pronto! As much as I'd like to give me a little room to relax, knowing that there's that much money waiting to screw me over makes it hard not to stress!

In attempts to be more of a saver, I found more coupons! Punch Pizza was giving away free pizza tonight as consolation for the Vikings terrible loss last night. The goal was to have free dinner but the line went around the corner and in this weather, there's just no way. So after yoga tonight, we're heading over there and will have a nice bedtime snack and delicious leftovers tomorrow. YAY all things free!

On that note, as well as with the advice of an adviser, I will be graduating in May for sure. No more extra majors or minors and I will get involved in politics on my own if I want to. More loans are NOT an option and I have to be available to work if a job happens to come a knockin'.


  1. I support this decision =) not many people can afford the extra costs of education, let alone Extra extra costs. It sucks, but being grown up sucks too. lol. Just keep reminding yourself that ONE DAY we'll be very comfortable with money and we'll be traveling the world together! =)