Sunday, January 17, 2010

$7 beer?!

So in an earlier post, I mentioned Saturday night with my bff. I had plans to pay for her dinner, but she refused to let me! I tried but she wouldn't let me! So I got us both a beer for the concert and YIKES! Two beers cost as much as dinner: 2 slices of pizza, a beer, and two sodas! So my allowance is down to $6. I do have $18 allowance from my latest paycheck but that's not even enough to take out of an ATM. With my parent's donation, I will take some out so these two weeks are manageable, but I have yet to decide the exact amount yet. We went to target for a few necessities that went on my card and I'll have to pay it off with my next allowance so I can use some extra allowance to pay that off immediately.

Classes start on Tuesday, and my schedule will be NUTS! To combat the convenient habit of eating fast food, I will spend tomorrow making meals for the week. I'm going to make muffins for breakfast ($2.50 for 24 muffins! Definitely saving money by making them myself!), tortellini with meat sauce for lunches at work, and beef stew for a dinner or two. Delicious!

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