Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take that Geek Squad!

After my fiasco with the Geek Squad, I filed a complaint and finally sorted it out with a manager tonight. I didn't get all my money back but they did agree to refunding me $130, which is better than nothing! My Guy is definitely pleased to have more money in his account in the near future and now I just owe him $70. My plan is to have that come from my tax refund so that can get taken care of before I have the $1000 saved up. Apparently one W-2 has arrived but there are a few more to come. Two jobs, school, and loans all require waiting to collect them all like prizes in a cereal box. Oh well, at least I'm not paying H&R Block this year like I did two years ago (granted it was helpful since I had lived in two states that year).

I found a nice little source of income by selling my calculator to Jessie. It was a great win-win because calculators cost $100 and I've had one sitting around since high school that I sold to her for much cheaper. I am using that money to pay for My Guy's Valentine's Day present and I think I'll put the rest towards my hair fund so I can have that money set aside faster. This might lead to a garage sale of sorts this spring to rid myself of non-junk items that I have no use for anymore to rake in a pretty penny and donate the rest to Good Will.

My mom suggested an idea today that I'm pondering. My sister is in the Air Force and has no immediate need for her savings account (which is pretty full). Since I have this small loan with a HUGE interest rate, my mom suggested that I borrow the money from her to put straight towards that loan immediately. Then, I can pay my sister back with a much more reasonable interest rate. I still plan on making the loan a priority and I wouldn't like to borrow money from friends or family but in this situation it would really be helpful.

Last but not least, can I just say how excited I am to have my tuition paid off tomorrow? I'm not excited at the small numbers left in my accounts but I am thrilled to put that behind me so I can focus on other expenses and savings. I think it's been years since I've had such little in my savings because I've always had the security of loans. But now it feels good to depend on myself and force myself into good habits. I have no choice but to succeed in savings at this point.

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