Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apparently I'm terrible at math

So last night, I created an Excel spreadsheet to track my budget now that I'm getting the normal sized paychecks. I did the math and things definitely don't add up compared to the original budget I came up with. Between rent, utilities, food and allowance, I'm $69 short each paycheck. There's not much more I can comfortably cut back on so I'll have to dip into my Express paychecks each time to complete the expenses. Then whatever I have left over goes straight to savings I swear! I've put word out that I can pick up extra shifts at Express so hopefully I can get a couple extra hours to put towards savings!

My guy did point out that I will be getting a tax return in a month or two and that made me SO happy! Last year my tax return was in the ballpark of $1300 so if it were to be about the same this year, I'd just cry tears of joy! I would save $300 and put $1000 towards the loan with that sky high interest rate. That would cut it by 1/4, which would definitely save some money in the long run! I'm going to try waiting to pay off loans til I'm a little better situated but the idea of knocking 1/4 off that loan is SO enticing! Hurry up W-2's!

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