Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ah ha moment!

Well today was a breakthrough. Magazine articles and weight loss plans etc. preach to eat a certain amount and then just wait until you feel full because you have to let it hit you. I have always disliked this plan because if I'm hungry, I dont want to wait to feel full again so I eat plenty with no time to let the calories sink in. Well, with this new budget and forcing myself to order smaller meals, I actually had to do this plan and it worked! By the time I got back to work from Noodles, I was actually pretty full and still haven't needed any food 2 hours later. Not bad, not bad at all.

The small order of stroganoff (no mushrooms) was not as satisfying, especially with not adding meat, but it was definitely better than my hamburger helper so I won't complain. I tried lemon in my water but it turns out I like plain water better. It wasn't ideal but it was a success in saving money!

Tonight is a double date at Downtime. Lots of specials but I probably shouldn't be spending any money after two meals out. I've worked more than full-time this week between the two jobs though so some fun is deserved, right?

Cost of today: $9

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