Sunday, January 10, 2010

I hate my job!

Ok...I don't really hate it but it's a terrible place to work for someone who can't be spending money. There's a massive clearance sale, as well as major discount sales at Express. This has been going on since Christmas ended but there's still a plethora of clothes I would love to buy for much cheaper than normal. Every single time I go into work, I spend hours looking at all the clothes and accessories I want and figuring out how much it would cost with my discount.

I'm being optimistic in thinking I will have a professional job after school. So when I see all these clothes I could wear in an office, I want to buy them when they're cheap and stock up for when I need a professional wardrobe.

There's also a lot of cute clothes I would want to buy and when I finally have money they will all be sold and a new set of probably equally cute clothes, but not the style I have in mind currently, will replace the old and be full price. Shirts that are normally anywhere from $30-$50, are now $6.99. Worth it? I think so! Jeans are $13.99. Seriously!

Not to sound like an ad for Express at all, but I need to figure out how to buy at least a couple items at these prices before they're gone! If you agree, give me a good excuse (or two) to encourage me (or discourage me if you disagree...I guess) because I need permission to let loose a little.

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  1. Do you still only have 27 dollars? 6.99 is a lot when you only have 27!! =)