Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do you know the muffin man?

Every morning when I arrive at work, I have been having a muffin for breakfast. I get 4 big delicious muffins for $3.50 and it gets me through the week. My guy pointed out yesterday though that I could bake my own for much cheaper and get many more than four. So once this batch is up (Friday), I will start being the muffin (wo)man. Each week, Im going to bake muffins to bring for breakfast. That wont add to my allowance but it will add to my $150 allocated for groceries each month, so I can spend the extra money on something else. I have my eye on those boneless honey bbq chicken wings anytizers- YUM!

Today is payday and I've had a thought in my head all morning. Jessie (one of my closest friends) once said on Facebook: Why is it that when payday comes, all my money is already going to pay off things that I can't even enjoy it?-not a direct quote I swear. I've been thinking that all morning, and I know the exact reason. I know that in two weeks time, I won't have this issue but for now it is just a major bummer (salute).

So for now, until school starts on Tuesday, I'm working my little(not so little) booty off. Today is day two of working 15 hours a day between both jobs. I don't do this usually but on break I have to take advantage of any extra income. I work during the day full-time hours at SFR and then close at Express. Repeat today. I'm really resisting the urge for Starbucks but seriously, I think I deserve it. I know I can make coffee at home for free and it still tastes good but it's much harder to take on the go to work when your car is FREEZING from this winter weather. It's much easier to just buy it before my shift when I get to work. We'll see if I give in later today I guess.

One last thing. A few posts back, I complained about wanting to shop. Well I'm resisting the urge as much as possible, by buying 1 thing. Here's the catch. There are a lot of things on sale for $19.50, one of which is a sweater I've been eying for a while now. With my discount that's $13.65. And! Since I'm a card member, they sent me a $10 off any purchase coupon! So this sweater EXPRESS: LONG-SLEEVE OPEN CARDIGAN will cost me $3.65. Take a look. I think it's totally worth it!

I just might buy it tonight when I work...tune in to see the results!

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  1. I say go for it! It's way cute! ;) Sometimes you gotta loosen the grip on this tight budget thing. But it sucks if you are overdrawn I was so proud to see you refer to me in your post! Ha ha.