Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Barely squeaking by

As I've mentioned before, this week I will receive 2 paychecks for less than their normal amount. This is the last week that will happen (besides the week I'm gone for spring break) and man does that make me happy! In the mean time, here's the break down:

Im only going to have $335, when rent is $388. If I split my express paycheck between checking and savings (since both are in dire need!), that should add about $75 to each account. $335 + $75 = 410. 22 dollars left after rent. That will be there for emergency allowance if necessary. I still have my $26 in tact as well but come on, two more weeks is a LONG time!

Tuition needs to be paid and after digging into my savings (for the last time I hope) to pay off my credit card from left over 2009 expenses, I'm still short on tuition and won't meet the minimum for my account even if I had all of tuition covered. I need $206 to cover the last bit of tuition and to have the min. balance. If I put the other $75 from my Express check towards that, it's reduced to $131. After one more paycheck or two, that will be taken care of. And once it is, I can finally start on building up a savings/making loan payments.

I was all excited to start saving right away but it's always something. You're killing me smalls.

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  1. It is always something! Very true! The same thing has been happening to me. I thought, back in December, that I would have plenty of money to start saving a good chunk once January rolled around, and then once I realized all my Jan. money was going to be gone, I was hoping Feb. would be better, but right now it's looking like march...lol. I really only have about $840 in bills every month and I make at least twice that. So I'm like....wtf?? But like last paycheck I had to buy books and contact lenses....it's just always something. Sorry that I ramble on your blog. Lol. It just helps to read yours and also vent about my money blunders as well =)