Friday, March 12, 2010

Who do I think I am?

This week I must have been under the impression that I'm rich. I don't know how I got it in my head that I can spend all this extra money but I easily and frequently did. I just updated my budget and although it's not terribly detrimental, it's not exactly ideal. Instead of eating the groceries I've already spent money on and that will go bad while I'm gone, I chose to eat fast food for most meals. Why? Because I was lazy and distracted with midterms that I just didn't put any effort into it. I also ended up having to get a few more things for the trip (batteries, magazines etc.), which came out of my allowance. I did end up finding the BFF a good b-day present for $20-an electric wine opener since we both struggle with opening those darn bottles. However, she was having a bad b-day so I surprised her at the restaurant she was going to with her family and dropped $25 on drinks for her-oops. She had a great time and I'm happy to do it but I really need to stop living outside of my means!

Today, however, is payday and I have already made my $61.10 loan payment. It feels great to see that number go down but it does feel like a terribly slow process. I was also able to boost my savings by more than normal. It's at just about $200, which is quite the improvement to the $.22 I had a month or two ago.

My mom did end up giving me an early Easter present, meant to be spent on a bathing suit for the trip and some spending money. That will definitely help but I am a little bummed that I have to worry about money while I'm there. It's to be expected I suppose but still a bummer when no one else seems to be concerned. Oh well, at least I'm getting outta here! No school, no work (THE BEST PART!) and I'm not even bringing any homework! Normally for a vacation like this, I would go to Barnes and Noble to buy a book or two for the car ride and lounging on the beach. Instead, I've borrowed two, renting one from the library and I'm actually reading a book or two of mine that I haven't gotten to yet. God, I sound like quite the bookworm.

Now I'm off to my last shift at Express until I get back! I plan to work the entire weekend I get back to make up for my missed week so I better enjoy this freedom while I can! South Padre here we come!


  1. Have fun!! Oh, what did you decide to do about savings? I can't remember? Are you doing the $1,000? Di you already take that and open a new savings account?

  2. Thanks! Oh and I did take $1000 from my tax refund for the emergency. I decided not to put it in a separate account but to just think of it as my minimum balance for my current savings. The other bank I was looking at is kind of far away and not open on weekends so if it's a real emergency, I might not be able to access the money that way. So far it's definitely worked just fine. P.S. I bought your bday present TONIGHT! Early I know but I'm always late so I'm excited!

  3. You got my whaaaa? Lol. I'm so excited!!! Give me a hint! Lol. And I'm very proud that you did the $1,000. Dave Ramsey aint no fool!