Friday, March 19, 2010

Back to reality

First of all, here's a shout out to MG and his family. His brother's leukemia is back after only a very short period of being in remission. We found out a couple days into the trip and it's tough. The bone marrow transplant from his younger brother didn't work so now they have to look into other options. It looks like he'll be doing out-patient chemo for five weeks and then wait a six month period and then chemo for two years. As a result, doctors say he will have to post-pone starting college even longer, which is probably the most upsetting part for MG'S bro.

We were going to go visit his family over Easter weekend and now Express is cracking down on attendance and requesting days off etc so they have rejected my request for that weekend. There's a new manager that's doing the scheduling and her new strict rules that only 4 people out of a staff of 60 can request off one day at a time is completely bogus. We don't need all 60 workers in one day so back off. We all have other lives since this is only part time for all of us so get off your high horse and be realistic. Plus she keeps scheduling me for shorter shifts-if she would just schedule people for a little bit longer, we would be able to request more days off when we need to. When there's a family emergency like I mentioned above, it's not fair for these rules to be so strict. Now I have to wait until the Wed before Easter weekend and then scramble to see if anyone can take my shift with such late notice. UGHHHHHHHH. If things keep up, it's going to be a real challenge to keep this job but I absolutely need it to afford my budget every two weeks, let alone make loan payments or build up my savings. I really need some advice here.

Well, I'm back to the 30 degree weather, piles of homework and I have a nice little cold/bronchial infection in the works to boot. And when I say little, I mean it's growing out of control as I type. My lung capacity is half of everyone else's so any cold or infection goes straight to the lungs and wears them out. It's likely I'll be missing work tomorrow or Sunday in order to be hooked up to my nebulizer and medicine. Fantastic.

The trip, however, was worth it. The weather was MUCH better than expected, the company was fantastic and a break from work and homework was perfect. I even brought a couple dollars home with me and didn't have to use my card. For gas, to make it fair, we put it all on my card and I'll divide it up when the bill arrives. But I set aside cash for that too so I should be good to go. It was such a nice place and the party scene was at our hotel's beach so we could bring our own drinks out to the backyard and have a great day for free. The nights were a little expensive with $10 cover charges everywhere we went and $12 a drink but I only needed one of those each night so I kept the spending to a minimum. We made our own meals for breakfast and lunch usually and then sometimes we went to dinner and sometimes we cooked.

So I have about $10 cash and $20 left in my allowance to make it until payday on Wednesday. That should be easy as pie to make it. So far, no one will work for me this weekend so it looks like I'll have those hours going for me too-even if I do feel like completely butt. Time to eat some ice cream and watch Precious.

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