Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A fresh start

As I've mentioned, today is payday. I only have $68 left in allowance already because I spent $20 on gas and had to take $20 out for an assignment where I had to make copies at the courthouse and to develop pictures so I could get my room listed for a sub leaser this summer. Anyways, $68. I am beyond determined to keep my spending on track and stick within that limit for the next 2 weeks. The countdown is on and let me tell you, it's already a challenge. I remembered that I have a box of pizza rolls in the freezer here at work but my heart is set on Erbs and Gerbs. I would love a nice sub and fountain drink but there's $7 right there when I can spend $.75 to get a diet coke (OR fill up my water bottle for free at the drinking fountain!) and chow on some pizza rolls.

ALRIGHT-So I had a break in this blog post and in that time, things have changed. I did end up finding a can of diet coke in my desk drawer from a few weeks ago so that takes care of any beverages. AND the U has Grad Fest going on right now. Basically you go, get your cap and gown, do exit interviews for student loans and all that jazz. MG just called to inform me that caps and gowns are $32. Now, I realize that fabric and caps and tassels don't just appear out of thin air and people do actually work to make these and thus cost money BUT seriously U? You have already taken every dime I have and have put me in this serious financial bind by boosting your tuition and fees every year since I've been here and yet you couldn't possibly cover this after all the thousands I've given you? Seriously? Well-there goes half of my allowance just like that.

$36 left for 2 weeks and it's STILL pay day today! Pizza rolls and anything free is looking pretty great right about now. This will be quite the challenge considering I am house sitting for my folks this weekend, which means that $36 will go entirely towards gas with all those trips back and forth. SWEET!

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