Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stupid parking ticket

I forgot to mention this last week but on Friday, I got a $42 parking ticket! I was outraged considering: I paid the meter more than I needed to just to be sure, I've parking in this spot every week for almost a year and other cars in the same parking lane were not ticketed. They're claiming I was parking in a truck zone for longer than 30 minutes and good thing I came out to my car when I did because they were going to tow me! Why would they have a parking meter that says, "1 quarter/hour up to 12 hours" in an area where you can't be there more than a 1/2 hour?

The thing is, I don't have time to go down to the court house and argue this when my days go from 8am-6 or 9pm and I work on the weekends but I also don't have an extra $42 at the moment. Does this constitute as an emergency? What's the best idea? I need some help!


  1. Did you call and ask if you actually have to be there in person to fight the ticket? I say it's worth fighting! Do you get a lunch break at work? If so, you could go then? 42 dollars is a LOT when you're us! Lol.

  2. Well my shifts are only 6 hours long since I have other classes etc. so I only get 15 min. breaks, which is definitely not enough time. A half hour break wouldn't even be enough time to ride the bus there and back, let alone fight it. I think I will call to see what they say, it just sucks because it's midterm week so I'm swamped and then I'm out of town next week and the deadline to pay is probably soon.