Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The streak has ended

Well, 4.5 days lasted a while but today I finally caved. I did a great job at Rainbow and my coupons got me $22 additional savings, not to mention the other sales...But I also had to swing by Target to grab new headphones, courtesy of my mom-bad idea.

I even told MG on the way there that I was ONLY going to grab headphones and get outta there to keep my streak going...BUT then I realized I was going to need flip flops for our trip and then I saw yoga mats were on sale and mine is quite embarrassing. It doesn't lay flat so I look like a complete tool with my mat flopping around while I try to do lunges. Plus, my instructor explained that the reason I have a big bruise on my spine from ab workouts is because my mat is so thin.

And THEN while I was in the workout area, I was looking at how much weights were so I could workout at home but I refrained on those for now, BUT I did see a workout video that focuses on my lower half. When I do yoga sculpt, it focuses a lot on my arms and core but I really want to tone my buns and thighs so I can feel confident roaming the beach in a week and a half. So in my last effort to tone up, I got that to do in conjunction with yoga. After I FINALLY finish this stupid midterm paper, I'm definitely going to try out my new mat and DVD!

So sadly, the streak has ended, but it's not exactly free to be healthy so I should consider it an investment right? Oh well, this just means my allowance is officially gone (besides that lone dollar in my wallet)until a week from today. Let the streak start again!


  1. Target is NEVER a good idea when you're trying to NOT spend ;) Lol. Love Target.

  2. I know! But the workout video works exactly the areas I need so it's a good investment. She's like "no more cottage cheese thighs so you'll look great in shorts!" Exactly what I'm worried about I love it! I used to go much crazier at Target so it's still an improvement for me!