Monday, March 1, 2010

Got gas?

I sure do! But it's the good kind, not stinky at all! I'm referring to, of course, car fuel. Rainbow has a promotional program where everytime you purchase groceries, you receive Roundy's Rewards towards BP gas. These rewards equal discounts on gallons of gas. I've been receiving rewards for a while now but I always went to the more convenient, non-participating BP so I never knew what I was missing out on.

But in my quest to save every dime, I wanted to stretch my last BP gas gift card as far as possible so I asked MG to go slightly out of the way to a participating BP to see what would happen. This afternoon I got a text saying, "Wow we saved a ton on gas." At first I assumed sarcasm but come to find out, it was quite the steal! Although a lot of my rewards had expired, I had quite a bit stocked up and we saved $.90 per gallon! Normally it takes a little over $20 to fill up the tank but today it was only $13! Holy Canoly does that make me thrilled! So that leaves me with $16 left on the gift card meaning I can easily get another fill-up since apparently I'm only $1.40 away in groceries to receive my next reward. What a fantastic discovery!

I have to keep this short since I have a paper to write but I would like to proudly say I made it through day 3 without spending a penny. Even if that meant I had a tuna snack pack and popcorn for lunch, I did it. Tomorrow should be another easy savings day! How long can I go?!

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