Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks Mom!

Before spring break, my mom gave me ICE (In case of Emergency) money. Thankfully there were no emergencies and that money is still in tact. Upon offering to give it back, she said I could keep $50 of it. YES! It turns out that gas was over $20 more than I had set aside so now I have to pay the credit card bill with the gas purchases on it and I was going to have to find an extra $20 from somewhere. TaaDaa! And I still have a little balance on my credit card from my own stupid purchases (see earlier blog posts) so I can use that to pay it off! Thanks mom! She also said that while we house sit, she made spaghetti and chicken breasts that we can have for meals and let me gas money for all the commuting! THANK YOU! Maybe, JUST maybe, I can stretch that now $31 (yes, I had a meeting at Starbucks yesterday so I spent some more money...oops) for 2 weeks. I can do it!

The meeting at Starbucks was beneficial though. I met with my Journalism School mentor Elizabeth Dehn, who just started a cool new blog for herself. She gave me some great tips on starting out, including some names I can contact about potential jobs. She was excited about my blog and said there's even potential to get ads for my site! I never would have thought this could be a job in itself! That would be the best since I have to post almost daily anyways to keep me sane! Anyways, I now have a new outlook on job hunting and I'm hoping it can last a while.

I did apply to Kwik Trip gas station yesterday for a summer job. Just in case nothing else turns up, I can have two part time jobs and this one pays better than Express PLUS the BFF will be my manager-fun! And it's right by my parents house so I could even walk if I wanted to.

Speaking of Express, I got a raise! It's a whopping $.23 but I'll take what I can get. It's not the promotion I'm working towards but I have my review this afternoon so hopefully I'll find out how close I am to reaching that goal.

Lastly, on a sadder note, MG's craptastic computer has officially died. I hated that old thing anyways but his cash flow minus a strict budget is depleted once he buys a new one. Bummer. We both really need good jobs asap! Bye bye social life-good thing we have an abnormally good time playing board games for free.

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