Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Wednesday Already?

I know just last week Wednesday seemed to take forever to arrive but after this busy week, time is just flyin'. Anyways, day 5 of this no-spending challenge is off to a great start with a very real possibility of getting to day 6 without a hitch.

I was invited to the Shout House tonight for 80's night but a)I have a big pile of homework and b) I don't want to have alcohol be the item that breaks my streak. When I told my roomies why I couldn't go, one said, "that'd be so much fun!" and she was referring to my no-spending challenge. I will admit, it kind of has been fun getting creative and resourceful so I don't waste unnecessary money. I'm hoping that I can go long enough to start a habit-wouldn't that be great?

With a dinner at home and a night at the library, it'll be easy to avoid spending. Although it is double days at Rainbow and I have a stack of coupons so I probably will get a couple groceries -but in my book, my grocery money is already set aside and my no-spending challenge is referring to my allowance so I'm still good. I need just enough to stock up until Spring Break!

Also, this weekend will be easy to avoid spending because minus my hair apt. I'll be working (a lot), doing homework and volunteering at an Oscar party so I don't even have time to spend! Perfect.

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