Monday, March 8, 2010

It doesn't cost a thing to smile

One of my favorite songs, "There's Hope" by India Arie hopped on my ipod this morning at work and it inspired today's post. The chorus goes:
"There's hope
It doesn't cost a thing to smile
You don't have to pay to laugh
You better thank God for that"

What a positive message for this gloomy Monday.

Anyways, nothing too new going on. Wednesday is payday and I'm thrilled for that, although the money will all be allocated somewhere by Thursday. It's the BFF's birthday on Wednesday and I still haven't figured out an inexpensive good gift. We will be celebrating over Spring Break and I'll bake her a cake etc. but I'm still hoping for something good to come up. She always out-gifts me and I always feel bad I'm never as financially secure as she is. Any ideas are more than welcome!

I should be able to make a $65 loan payment this week, which is pretty exciting. After interest, that'll chop down roughly $55, which is never a bad thing. And I always love seeing my savings account grow as well. I swear, my Friday paychecks are almost more rewarding than my bigger school paychecks that give me my allowance. That must mean I'm getting into the right mindset huh?

I haven't done a good job of staying within my means as far as going out to eat etc. but I'm trying my best this week before SB to really cut back and utilize all the food I have so it doesn't go bad while I'm gone. I just having extra costs on my credit card from my extra spending. It's not a ton but a couple meals here and there rack up and I have to realize how bad that is since I don't have my safety loans to back me up. UGHHHHH!

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