Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Great week for great paychecks!

I know I JUST posted a couple hours ago but I have some more exciting news! My Friday paycheck amount is posted online and it's much more than I expected! I guess all those extra shifts I picked up have paid off! I'll be getting $206.09, which means 20% goes to savings ($41.22), $69 goes to checking to cover my budget and that leaves $95.87 to give to Sallie Mae. That's a much larger payment (almost double!) than I expected so I'm pretty stoked. With that payment, my loan will be down to approximately $3111.91, which is just a few payments away from being under $3000, YES!

I have contemplated paying for my parking ticket with this extra money but I'd rather argue it or pay for my mistake with my budgeted money-if I can. If worse comes to worse, it comes from savings. I just would hate to detract from a larger loan payment since I know an upcoming paycheck will not have a payment at all.

I'd also like to point out my attitude about this unexpected extra money. Normally this would give me permission to shop or put some extra money towards spring break, (and trust me, as I type this I would like to put it towards all of those things) BUT please notice the excitement in the first paragraph about paying off my loans. I'm so pleased to have discovered this attitude, and although it's definitely not as fun as a new outfit or a few extra drinks on the beach, it's worth it.

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