Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bye bye savings and bye bye spring break

Credit cards are bad. Very bad. I really should get rid of mine. Everyone once in a while, I use it for little things here and there and forget about it. This has happened a lot lately and I'm realizing..."shit, I don't have money for this balance." I had to take money out of my savings tonight to pay my bill to maintain my good credit but now I'm really disappointed that the majority of my savings is gone just like that. I don't know how to get it through my head that it's not ok to spend when I don't have extra money lying around. Seriously. I feel like I have cut back a lot these past few months but I'm getting back into my old habits and it's NOT good. Any advice, tips, tricks, ANYTHING?! HELP!

It's the end of my last spring break and I have two things on my mind. 1-YIKES! School is done in less than 2 months and then I'm on my own with absolutely no financial plan. It is very scary not knowing how I'm going to make ends meet and be able to afford these upcoming crazy loan payments. 2-I'm going to work my ass off to earn as much as I can at both jobs in order to maximize my income and secure myself for this scary upcoming summer.

I'm going to stick it out at Express as long as I can but at the same time, I need to buckle down and try to find a full-time position. Between the scare of falling back into my old poor spending habits and the bleak financial future already, I'm starting to really freak out.


  1. You are on the right track by getting a budget set up. I would also recommend to go on a cash only basis for eating out and entertainment with friends. Each payday, set aside some cash in three envelopes for food, entertainment, and gas. Then, write on the envelope each time you take money out and put the new balance. THis will make you think twice before you spend money on food and drink. It will make you evaluate if you want to spend it one place or later in the week. Hope this helps! You are on the right track!

  2. I'm always trying to have a contest with myself because since I'm on a tight budget, I realize I can either spend this 7 dollars on lunch and then 4 dollars on starbucks, if i DON'T spend that money, and i still have it when payday comes, I can go look for a shirt or some jewelry or something. It's like a reminder every time you go to use your cash for something (cuz it seems to go SO fast) Like, is this purchase really worth it? Or could I save it and get something that will last longer and I'll appreciate more...hope that helps =)

  3. And for me personally, I've never been able to ration gas money as one of the things to set aside cash for, like food and entertainment. It's a fact of life, you're gonna need to fill up the tank when it's empty....or you won't be able to get anywhere. Lol. It's just something you need to work into your budget, a reminder that you'll have to fill your tank this many times/paycheck. I just use my debit card for my gas cuz I've already worked about $35/check into my budget for it. It's just like a bill. You're gonna have to fill that tank up so you might as well just pretend it's a regular bill...