Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plenty of news-good and bad

Last night around midnight, we found out MG's brother was sent to the ICU with a fever and infection so we packed up quick and drove through the night to be with his family. It's his sister's prom this weekend and obviously there are other distractions so I took her to get her nails done and get shoes for the big day. Yes I've spent extra money on food and gas etc. but in an emergency, it's where my emergency funds kick in. His brother seems to be doing alright although his blood pressure isn't consistent. He should be in the ICU for 7 days and based on his tests we can go from there. Keep him and their family in your prayers please.

I also have good news and bad news. The bad news is I didn't get the reporting job in Arkansas that I applied to a while back. I received a nice rejection letter so apparently I won't be visiting with the Duggar family anytime soon. I've always wanted to see 19 siblings in one room but I guess it'll have to wait.

The good news is that I likely DID potentially get a job in beautiful Charlotte, NC! It's a startup company so I don't know much and can't reveal much since it's all confidential but I'd be doing social media and marketing for the company. We're still waiting on investors to make sure there's money for me to work for them but I'm really hoping all goes well in that department and that I find out soon. If all goes well, I'd be moving to NC in exactly a month! Road Trip!

I couldn't be more excited to have a job in my field with the potential for real growth. I'm still trying to figure out a budget, living situation etc. I will be getting a slight raise from what I'm earning now at my school job but it's definitely not a salaried, high paying job-at least until the company launches obviously. I will try to transfer to an Express store down there to get a second income and hopefully meet people my age. It looks like I will be sticking to a tight budget very similar to what I have now to make sure I can pay my loans, rent etc. I will also be tacking on car insurance, my portion of the family's phone bill and wonderful health insurance. Yikes. This is just another great opportunity to get even smarter about my spending habits and save as much as I can.

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