Monday, April 26, 2010

Issue resolved

After a brief break from our disagreement, we have a better solution. I'm still not a fan but it makes sense and motivates me. Since I have a terrible habit of spending money I don't have and then paying for it with future payments, it makes it so I can never stick to my allowance because it's always making back payments. MG's goal of the discussion was for me to quit this habit and start fresh. I was doing really well at it when I first started this blog but somehow I got off track and obviously it's not going well. So starting with the next paycheck, I get the full $150 for my allowance and that is all. I am taking it out in cash and if there are things I need to allocate the money to, I will use envelopes hidden in my secret spot so the money is physically out of sight. But when it's gone, it's gone and I can't use money set aside for any other purpose.

But that still leaves my emergency fund low since my allowance won't be paying it back anymore. MG knows how much it kills me to see the interest on my loans jump everyday so in a form of punishment and motivation, instead of making loan payments, I have to put that money towards my E fund. That will definitely motivate me to get all the money back in there asap so I can start paying my loans again AND I won't keep making back payments because my allowance is still in tact. MG agreed that if I cut my Express purchase down to $76, I can afford to keep that within my allowance so it's all good. Whew, glad that's resolved. Money can be so stressful!


  1. Sounds like a great plan! Why did you have to break into your emergency fund again? I can't remember. But yes, I think you have come to a great conclusion! =D

  2. oh thanks! My credit card bills racked up a little out of my affordable range but I had to make sure they were paid on time. Terrible terrible habit I'm working on breaking.