Thursday, April 15, 2010

Social Life =T-8 days

The push for graduation is getting stronger and stronger. One month from tomorrow I will be sporting my cap and gown and never have homework, tests, or classes ever again. In the meantime, this past week and next week are insane with mandatory class attendance and major papers and projects due. Besides work, I will be doing homework ALL weekend. Luckily, a week from tomorrow kicks off Spring Jam and the major homework will be behind me! I also came up with a great work schedule for Spring Jam weekend so I can have fun and still get some hours in.

Since I'm going to be antisocial this weekend anyways, I volunteered to switch shifts with MT (another chronic Express shopper :)) so I'll be closing both Friday and Saturday night. That actually adds a couple extra hours of work and a bigger chunk of time to get homework done so it worked out nicely. After doing the math for this pay period, I should be able to make a $117 loan payment, which is very exciting. After paying off roughly $17 in interest, that hacks away $100 of the loan's principal. After that, I'll only need one more payment to get under $3000. Wahoo-what a milestone (sounds ridiculous but it's kind of exciting getting over $1000 paid off in a couple months on a college budget).

One little anecdote before I go, I have finally added up how much I've spent at Express since I've started. $2061 in 9 months. Crap. At least $500 of this is for others but still, that's a scary number. Another thing to consider is the majority of these expenses were before I started my new year budget but that could have paid a big chunk of the current loan I'm working on. My next goal is to figure out the best way to budget for Express spending but that won't be conquered until I get this month's credit card paid off...

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