Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome back

Easter weekend was so enjoyable. Both sets of Matt's family came to visit and it was relaxing and nice to have so much family around. Another enjoyable aspect of the weekend was not spending a dime. We didn't go out at all so it was an easy way to save money :) I even applied to a reporting job out there and it pays really well. My hopes aren't up but it would be a huge relief. Even to get an interview ANYWHERE would help! MG has also been applying to jobs up the wazoo and although we both know there's still time for someone to offer either of us a job, we're starting to lose hope that all this work is actually worth something. MG did, however, get an e-mail this weekend from a job in Denver asking for more information from him. YAY! It was a long, taxing document of question after question but if it's job potential, it's worth it! It just gets difficult when you're also balancing homework and part-time jobs. Oofta! We're exhausted!

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