Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pay Day

It's payday again! hooray! Although, yes, this is the paycheck that's much smaller thanks to my escapade to South Padre but totally worth it. I normally require $405/paycheck to make ends meet for the month but that's not happening with this one. Surprisingly though, everything will work out. It hasn't been my turn to by groceries for a while so I've had money set aside for that and the utility bills will be much less now that we've been able to turn off the heat for about a month now so I can easily make ends meet despite the smaller paychecks. What a relief! The only bummer is that there will be no savings deposit and no loan payment for this pay period. I'm very glad I made a loan payment last paycheck because my interest is much more manageable at this point. In 2 weeks from now, it will be an uncomfortable number but more manageable than it could have been.

Now remember when I wrote about how credit cards are bad etc? Well after looking at the bills, they still are. I haven't used them in a while but the balance is still there. So my allowance just got cut in half so I could put $50 towards my Express card. I'm putting $10 for CUSA and that leaves me with $40 for 2 weeks. We still have a little bit left on a gas gift card so I think I can do it. Every other Wed, I have to give myself a new challenge and every week I usually fail in some way but this pay period, I'm determined to make that $40 last and maybe even have a little left over at the end to put towards my credit cards. Wouldn't that be great? Besides grocery shopping tonight, Day 1 of no unnecessary spending starts NOW!

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