Monday, April 12, 2010

Cheaper is not always better

Yesterday I made muffins to bring to work for my breakfasts all week. Normally I buy Betty Crocker, which makes 12 muffins-always more than enough to last the week. MG and I realized that Pilsburry was a little bit less expensive so we figured, "what's the difference? It can't hurt to use a different brand to save a dime." Well, there's a big difference. They taste the same but that package only makes six regular sized muffins. Six. With a 10 cent difference you can have 6 more muffins. There's no question about what I'll be buying next time.

I also made Thai food yesterday for my lunches at work this week. I'm pretty excited because a)Pad Thai is delicious and b)That means I'll be excited to eat lunch at work meaning I won't be spending money on food this week. Wahoo. I even realized I had more coffee creamer than I thought so I'll have free coffee to get me through all week (and trust me, I'll need it with graduation right around the corner!)

I also worked a whole 18 hours this weekend. Lately they've cut at least one of my shifts early or I haven't worked a whole weekend with Spring Break and Easter etc. so I wasn't used to that many hours but it felt great realizing it's all leading to a bigger loan payment. Who can complain about that? It's a challenge though because it's the big spring clearance sale so jeans are $23.99 (originally $88!) and shirts are only $7.99. On Friday I did get 2 pairs of jeans and 2 tops but I'm returning the jeans because quite frankly, I don't need them! MG came up with a project for me that I'm a little nervous about. Remember when I went through all my credit card and bank statements to see what I spent most of my money on? Well he thinks it'd be a good idea to see how much I've spent at Express since I've started working there. I think if it reaches a certain amount, I will get rid of my Express card or freeze it in a block of ice or something because if I'm trying to save, Express isn't helping.

My no spending challenge ended on Friday night when I spent $20 on gas. I did buy a round of drinks on Sat. night too, which cost me $11. Lastly, I was rushing to work on Sun. and forgot any form of caffeine and a snack for closing. I'm down to $3 for eight days. Technically, I can use what I have and make it through. Next weekend when I'm not working I'll be homeworking at the library so that'll keep me out of spending trouble and I bought enough snacks and stuff for meals to last on my breaks at work so really, I should be fine. Day one of eight starts now!

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